2015 Miss Metro Cruise Pin Up Girl Contest

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PIN UP #1Abby Holiday


Pinup to me is one of the best hobbies I have found. When I first started 2 years ago it was love at first sight. I have met plenty of new friends and obtained some new skills, as well. The best part about being into pinup is that I can give back to my community. I am a member of the Pinups For Patriots Michigan Chapter. I feel so honored to be able to see our veterans smiles of joy when they are with us.









PIN UP #2Beth Belle Aire


The reason I am involved in pinup is simply because I enjoy the camaraderie of other woman with a similar interest in beauty. 











PIN UP #3Bettye Lorraine


I have always dreamed of being "Lucy" from I LOVE LUCY, even naming my boxer Desi. I have been dressing in 1940's/50's ever since dropping 70lbs and doing a photo shoot. It's not just a "style" it's my way of life.












PIN UP #4Cindy Lou


Being a Pin Up model is so inspiring to me! As a woman, I feel it brings confidence to women of all shapes and sizes. It gives women the opportunity to embrace their beauty, and to flaunt what their mommy gave them!











PIN UP #5Colette Coquette


Pin up is fun, empowering and embraces that classic beauty standard that celebrates everything wonderful about being a woman! It has also given me so much confidence when I thought I had none. I feel like every girl should give pin up a try at least once in their lifetime!











PIN UP #6Constance Chrysler


I enjoy the pin-up era first and foremost for the cars!  I feel the era in general represented a happier, simpler times. People talked to people....in person!












PIN UP #7Ginger Snaps


To me, pinup is the feeling of camaraderie, the shot of adrenaline while on stage, and the added self-confidence. In my younger years I struggled with being teased due to being 5’11” with bright red hair...but as you can see I got the last laugh. Lucille Ball said it best "Love yourself first and everything else falls into line”. Now I wouldn’t change anything for the world.










PIN UP #8Heather Marie


For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt that I was born in the wrong generation.  (And others have told me this, too!)  I adore old school glamour for its ability to be both classy and fun.











PIN UP #9Jaded Rose


I have always been an old fashion kind of gal. From values to morals to style. I live pinup everyday all day. I feel that pinup exudes classiness, confidence and era of women embracing themselves. A time where showing less skin was tasteful, a time when it wasn't about how much you could get away with showing. I have such a passion for pinup because to me it's not about woman’s size, it's about how you carry yourself. I think that this should be a community of women embracing and empowering each other.  There is too much negativity in the world already. 







PIN UP #10Jain Darling


The sheer variety in the flexibility and creativity of the Pin Up expression is one of the main things that draws me to it. I love the challenge of using the past to create the present, especially when making reference to an era which was pivotal for the role of women in the U.S. and using it to further our goals in the present. Pin Up appeals to my vanity, my stubbornness (those hairstyles are HARD for my heavy hair), my desire for artistic expression in every aspect of my life, and my belief that history should always be acknowledged and learned.




PIN UP #11Jeannine Marie


I am truly an old soul, born much later than my time.  I love and respect the culture of old, and try to honor that with my lifestyle and modeling.












PIN UP #12Magdalena Golightly


Pin-up to me is the essence of womanhood, elegance & class. It is timeless, yet molds to each woman's unique individualism. I love pin-up because it does not discriminate but promotes & accepts the beauty of all women.










PIN UP #13Miss Cherry Whip


This is my first time participating in a pin-up contest. While we were at last year's Metro Cruise, I was stopped by multiple people asking if I was part of the contest because they wanted to vote for me!  I love the classic beauty of the pin-up style. It's sexy and classy at the same time. I also like how the pin-up culture embraces women of all shapes, sizes, and colors.









PIN UP #14Priscilla Quinzel


Pin up has never been just a time in history for me. Never taking myself too seriously, the class, charm, freedom and beautiful elegance at the heart of Pin Up is just how I live.












PIN UP #15Ronnie


I just happened to "fall into" this role, if you will, at a car show a few years ago...you-tubing how to do my hair and putting on a garage shirt to go with the 1927 T-bucket...and had a wonderful time "playing" with the crowds.  We have been attending the Metro Cruise since its inception...what a great event!










PIN UP #16Rosealee Jean


There are many troubles in the world today. I love pin up because it takes me back in time to a simpler life. One where the true meaning of beauty originated and American muscle cars and trucks were created.











PIN UP #17Sally Forth


My Grandparents always talked fondly of the era which, as a young girl, sparked my interest in the music of that time. Growing up, my parents refurbished muscle cars and hot rods. My mother gave me an appreciation for pin up and burlesque fashion, always fawning over pin up legends like Bettie Page, and 50s starlets of the silver screen.










PIN UP #18Sassy Scarlet


I am into Pin Up because I grew up inspired by my grandmother for her old fashioned values, beauty and fashion sense. Thank you for this opportunity!! 












PIN UP #19Trixie Von Hopps


I love Pin-Up style because it celebrates women of all sizes and body types.  Pin-up culture embraces an old school sexiness and encourages women and gives them the confidence to va va voom it up!












PIN UP #20Wendy Dae


My adoration of pinup began at a very young age while looking through albums of family photographs with the women looking classy and lovely.  I do pinup because I love the nostalgia it brings from a time when our world was in great need of being uplifted. Traditional pinups brought about them a sense of hope, support, and optimism.  Pinup is for everyone, shape, size, race, etc. and you can relive that classic beauty just by looking at her.